Fr. JimThis is the beginning of a blog that coincides with starting a new ministry at St Mark’s Church in Larkspur.  I hope in the days to come to share the journey with you as it unfolds.  May God bless each of us as we go forward in the Kingdom of God.

On May 24, 2008, James M Prudhomme was ordained as Priest in Holy Orders by The Very Reverend James Eugene Provence, Archbishop of APCK, Bishop of the Diocese of the Western States, Anglican Province of Christ the King at St Stephen’s Church, in Oakville, CA.  Fr. Prudhomme served at St Stephen’s Church until his recent assignment to St Mark’s Church in Larkspur, CA.  As Deacon, he served an internship at St Peter’s Procathedral in Oakland, during his seminary years at St Joseph of Arimathea Theological College in Berkeley, graduating in May 2008.

Father Prudhomme is currently assisting Father Richard McNeely, Vicar of St Thomas Anglican Church in San Francisco.  Since the retirement of Archbishop, we two priests have been providing for the faithful of San Francisco.  We have two Masses on Sunday morning.  The 8 am Mass is a more contemplative service, without music.  The folks who come are a lively group at the coffee hour following Mass.  The 10 am Mass is full with music.  The choir is magnificent and members have performed at various venues throughout the Bay Area.  There is a great coffee hour following Mass, where it is easy to meet and become friends with some great people.

St Peter’s Days

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