Thanks to St Stephen’s Youth

St Stephen's Church

St Stephen's Church

Some thoughts as I remember yesterday’s Mass and festivities. What a gift it was to have the Sunday school children sing the sermon hymn and to be able to preach a children’s sermon, sitting on the altar step. These are the members of the church who will carry orthodoxy to the next generation. May God continue to bring them and more to the church. I thank God for letting me be part of the celebration of our youth, Thank you to all the folks who put on a wonderful reception to wish us God’s speed in the new church, St Marks. A day full of blessings, begs the question,”How can we nurture our youth?” Lord, give them a huge heart for you.  Continue to grow our hearts also.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Children are the new legs under our old machine of life. They bring forth the things we lose so often as we age. Let them always remind us that within us lies the give that is life and love. I have often refered to our youth as Happiness Fountains! May they aways guide us and may we always listen to the gifts they whisper into our ears! Blessings to you!

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