Lent and the Great Fast

I was told this morning that I was old enough to skip fasting.  I’m on the third day of a three day fast and prayer time for our Country and our leaders, especially Donald, our President.  I want to share that 67 year-old male can still do it, but it was hard at first.  The ringing in my ears was telling me something and the cravings, wow!  I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!  The hard healing comes, as Jesus said, with fasting AND prayer.  We are encouraged to do these together.  Healing comes with frequent confession and reception of the Precious Body and Blood ofJesus Christ.

This Lent take the time to go to confession, receive Holy Communion and pray for healing of self, the Country, and loved ones in need. Give up things that are hard.  I gave up Facebook this Lent, and I am dying to post this there, but I won’t.  See you all at Mass tomorrow.  We can worship Him in the beauty of Holiness.

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Spiritual Battle is underway in the US

This week a major change is happening in our great country.  A very unlikely man will be sworn in as President of these United States.  Many didn’t vote for him, many choosing a candidate who proved unworthy of the call.  It may not be a great week for secularists, who want more of the same, but for Christians there appears to be hope.  Hope that change, good change is on the way.

God has been marginalized in public forum these past few years.  Christians have reeled back in fear for the changes that didn’t seem to come from God.  We now must be not like the Thessalonians, who in the Book of The Revelation of St John the Divine were lukewarm.

We are to be on fire for the Lord.  He is the only one who knows how to correct our course.  Last Sunday we looked at the Gifts that God has given all of us, who we are in Him and how we are use those same gifts.  The Holy Ghost is our director.  The Lord our head.  He will use us for His Kingdom.

It may not be an easy week, but if we pray, look for His leading and be willing to get our hands into the game, we will find peace and always love.  Love God and love your neighbor.  Tell the truth and don’t be afraid to tell someone about your Lord and Savior.

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Susan Prudhomme’s Newest Book was just published

Susan’s New Novel, the second in a series of Menchian Books, called The Desert, was just published. It is available at Amazon,  http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=susan+prudhomme, and OakTara,  http://www.oaktara.com/bookpage-thedesert .

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Authority, Kingdom Authority and Civil Authority

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen!

 Kingdom authority!  We belong to God’s Kingdom and we are to be citizens of heaven, but what about this world?  Authority is important here also.  We must follow the laws of God and of the civil authority.

 Today we look at the authority that healed lepers must submit to before returning to the fold.  This is religious, civil, in house, no outside authority.  The healed man is sent first to the priests, who can call him clean.  The religious thanksgiving must be made to God for the healing.  Then there is restoration to family, friends, community, worship and life.

We also look at authority from the perspective of a Roman centurion.  He makes an order and it is obeyed.  He knows Christ has authority over all, including his servant who is ill.  Just say the word and that is enough.  If Christ says the servant is healed, it is so.  The centurion needs nothing more.  Authority is beyond place.  It can be exerted from a distance.  God’s authority is supreme power.  His love is what heals, His nature is such that we should have such trust and knowledge.  The centurion is praised of Christ.  He is made an example for us of how to petition God for healing.

Paul in the Epistle is talking to the Romans.  He tells them to be good citizens, submitting to authority of the civil government as to God, because all authority comes from God.  Christ said as much in the examination before Pilate.  You would have no authority unless it is given of the (Father) God.  We are talking about Rome in the early time of the Emperor Nero.  Rome had been protecting the early Christians from the attacks by the unbelieving Jews.  Civil authority is to be for the good of the people, establishing peace, tranquility, order and civility.  This is also true today!

 What about corrupt power and authority?  What would happen to the Christians when Nero needed to blame someone or thing for the fire?  Christians were persecuted by the very government under God, by an evil man.  Do we worry about our own government? Should we? 

 What does it mean to be a Christian, Good Citizen of the United States?

 This follows from last week’s readings.  We must release our desire to revenge, attack our leaders for their folly.  God WILL deal with them as He sees fit!  We are to be respectful.  We may disagree, but when our disagreement goes viral, we step over the line.  Name calling and subversive acts are not right and in accord with God’s desire.

 Example:  Walk for Life last weekend in SF.  Thousands walked peacefully, singing, carrying signs, praying and demonstrating that a moral government would not act the way they do with respect to life, babies, mothers and families.  No one took to arms to over throw the government.  Anarchy is not a Godly answer.  Prayer before the throne of God, appealing to the higher authority, is right.  Telling others about the wrongness of disrespecting life is important.  There can be a positive effect.  Leaders can be called back to proper respect and laws can be changed by the process granted in the establishment of the country.

Though this is true, we live in a Republic and we have certain rights and responsibilities.  We certainly can and should point out to others that candidate A has beliefs in opposition to what is right and moral.  We should be informed and also vote.  We can support activities and causes that we believe to be Godly.

What is your attitude toward God’s authority?  How about civil authority?  Do you snipe at leaders, name call, rant and rave?  Or are you civil?  Let us examine our attitudes this morning.  Where we have fallen, let us ask God’s forgiveness.  When we are challenged in the future, let us call to mind that God has granted authority to the leaders.  He will deal with them and we are not to.  By giving our past to Christ in the Mass, we can be free to follow the commandments of God to love one another and God and ourselves more fully.  Let us again take the time as we are becoming accustomed to here at St Mark’s before the General Confession to consider this and only pray after some time of letting go of the stuff that keeps us away.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen!

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Tomorrow is Mid-Term Election Day

Don’t forget to vote!!!!!!!!!

As Christian Citizens, we have the responsibility to vote.  The founding of this great Nation was on the Creator and His wonderful provision.  He continues to care for His people, when they are faithful to Him and seek His wisdom.  Wisdom comes to those who seek her.  Remember the past and the truth, lessons and values found therein.  Vote for those, whose values most reflect your own good values. 

Words are important!  Try to understand the words used to take you vote.  Look at voting records and the dialogues or lack thereof.  But most importantly, PRAY before you vote.  God will give you insights and wisdom to always discern the TRUTH, because He is truth.

When Jesus said to his disciples to suffer the little children, let them come unto Him, he was saying that our children are so very important.  In the Psalms we pray each day, there is mention of being knit in the womb.  God is about life!  He is about abundant life for us and not for making us prisoners.  Vote for you and your family for those things that loosen the hand of government on the family.  Jesus is our King, not the government.  One loves, the other just uses us.

Pray this day and always for this great, Christian Country.

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The Coolest Summer in a Long Time

We have had the most pleasant weather this summer. School is back in session and summer vacation for families is complete. Fall is in the air. The Fall provides a natural opportunity to examine, evaluate and plan for the time ahead.

Are you the man or woman that God made you to be? How’s your Spiritual Life going? Prayer Life? What would your closest friends say about your answers? Are there things you would like to change if you could?

What are you reading? Watching on TV? Do your friends encourage you to be the man/woman God made you to be?

Are you all you can be? In Christ Jesus you are a NEW CREATION, going from Glory to Glory. A good friend reminded me of the famous quote (CS Lewis?) “If you are accused of being a Christian, would they find enough evidence to convist you?”

This day, let us make a pact to be that for one another. Turn off the TV, disconnect from electronics, read worthwhile things, talk to friends, be an encouragement, study, think great thoughts, be like Jesus, be like the Saints…and be all that you were made to be!

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Update of 8.26.10

St Mark’s Church in Larkspur is still the place to worship God in the beauty of holiness.  We have a new Organist, Ms. Joanna Sitsmann, a student at Dominican College.  She adds youth to our time together.  She is learning well the Anglican Hymns and service music.  It is great to have her as part of the family.

We started Bible and Church History study in Novato on Tuesday evenings.  We meet at Peet’s Coffee in the Hamilton Marketplace on Nave Drive at 6:30 pm.  The weather has been great, so we are able to meet out front under the umbrella tables.  Each week is a stand alone lesson, so those traveling or away for a week or two can come join us when they get back.  There is no homework.  It is a time for friends to gather and read the Word of God.

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On the second anniversary of my ordination…

As darkness falls on the day of the anniversary of ordination to the priesthood, I give thanks for God’s calling and His Grace that has sustained me as His own. The greatest part of being a priest is getting to know the people God has given to me to care for in these trying days. Also the greatest responsibility! Being able to say Mass, being able to visit the sick, to pray for them and with them, seeing those in need relieved, seeing those in torment lifted by the sacraments, these are what life in Christ is about. His grace freely given, His love all around us. May we travel further down His path together for the years to come. May God bless all of you.

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Preparation for Whitsunday: Some Thoughts


Liturgically speaking we are hanging between the Ascension and Pentecost. Like the disciples, we know lots about Jesus. We may know Him intimately, even though we have never physically seen Him. We try to live lives that give glory to God, But…

Have we waited on God? Have we waited with anticipation for the working of the Holy Ghost? Or do we shy away from the power of the Spirit of God?

St Peter, in his Epistle this morning tells us that the end is at hand. We are to be sober, to watch and pray, he says. These words were true for Jesus’ band of men then and they are very important to us this morning. They, because the Kingdom depends on it, they because their salvation is wrapped up in it. For the same two reasons, we are to watch and pray. Next Sunday we commemorate the descent of the Holy Ghost. We need to prepare for that coming too.

Look at the patterns!

In the Old Testament there are many examples of God’s giving to the Israelites all that they needed to be prepared for the coming of Christ. He carried the nation as a mother carries her kids, so that they can become adults.

In the New Testament, Christ has come. He then prepared the disciples for the coming of the Holy Ghost. He also proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom, which is at the heart of the Good News. God’s reign, His love for us, which He exampled in Christ Jesus our Lord, is to be spread to all nations, peoples to the very ends of the earth.

At Jesus’ baptism, the Holy Ghost descended as a dove. Christ’s willingness to follow the preparation that John preached for preparation of the coming of the Lord, leads to the visible gift of both the Father and the Holy Ghost. At our baptism, we received that same sweet Spirit. At our confirmation, we again received that Spirit in a new and special way. We were given gifts in both events, as were the disciples at Pentecost. They were given with something in mind. Notice in Peter this morning that he says “Every man” hath received the gift.

At the important points in His ministry, Christ watched and prayed.

How do we prepare… Watch and pray!

If you want to know the gift you were given….. Watch and pray!

If you want to prepare for the coming of the Holy Ghost…. Watch and pray!

If you want to see the Kingdom in its full glory….watch and pray!

If you want to be ready for Christ’s return and the end of our life on earth….Watch and pray.

Watch and pray! Watch like the apostles who were to spend an hour with Christ in the Garden. Waiting, watching we are to slow down. We are to be moved by God. We need to stop the human knee jerk responses to do, do, do. Don’t just do something, stand there!!!! God must be the impetus for our actions. Watching and praying lets us slow down so we can hear the still, small voice. Praying we align our hearts, minds and souls with God’s will. God is the Gifter. We should trust Him to know the whys and wherefore of the gift. There is a pattern to the gifts. He gives enough gifts to each church body to accomplish His will therein. He has given us what we need to spread the Gospel to Marin. He has given us enough to love one another as we do so. Watch and pray! Let Him lead in our life.

If we watch and pray, Charity will be increased. We will love those that God has placed before us, family, friends, neighbors and those who find their way to our door.

Peter talks more about this in this morning’s epistle. The Spirit of God will enlighten us as to our gifts. The Spirit of God will bring us to a fuller Charity. The Spirit of God will put good words in our hearts and on our lips. When we watch and pray we will be good stewards of the gifts that were entrusted to us.

Our job this week is to just watch and pray. There is comfort in the simplicity of this act of will. This is all the preparation we need for next week and beyond. And that gives glory to God!


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We are Synod Bound

This week the Diocese of the Western States meets for its annual Synod. It will be good to see old friends, worship together, pray together and share our love for the Lord and His church. It is a time for encouragement, study and especially prayer, the cement that holds us to our Lord and the Body of Christ. It will be work and pleasure.  Let us build up the Kingdom of God!

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