Holy Week

We were in the crowd yesterday, having seen or heard of the Lord’s raising Lazarus from the dead. How joyful was the day, when he walked forth out of the tomb. A reminder, perhaps, that our Lord would do the same at the hand of His Father on Easter morn.

Ponder this week, where you are. By Good Friday most of the people, who were there Palm Sunday, are gone or in hiding, with a few exceptions. Are we gone or in the company of the exceptions? Do we stand up to be counted? The Master asks that of His disciples. The fear of being also crucified with Christ is sometimes a grave stumbling point for us. Will it hurt? Will we bleed like the Holy Martyrs?

Walk the Stations, after Maundy Thursday. The week is rich with story, True Story, Gospel. Christ has died, Christ has risen And Christ will come again in great glory. Let us be the ones who stand in the gap until that great day. He is a great Master and because of His love, we can stand with Him.

Come and worship the Living God this week, all week.

What thinkest thou?

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