I ponder today…

What is it that makes our worship rich? We gather each Sunday in smallish churches to worship God. What is it about the how we worship, the part that makes us unique as a body, that lifts us to higher places and encourages us to let go and let God have us more fully? Worship that opens us to the fullness of God is very pleasing to Him. In a society where darkness prevails, where we are all so busy that we want to stay in bed on Sunday morning, what gets us up and to church? How can we share this with others? During the octave of Epiphany, let us be light to the world! Invite someone to join you this Sunday to come to church. It can be fun to share. You will probably get some no’s for an answer, but what’s the harm in asking?

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2 Responses to I ponder today…

  1. Susan says:

    Beauty and a sense of holy awe lift us out of the humdrum world. Warmth and friendliness salve our hurts and fears. It’s a great combination!

  2. Joy Spragens says:

    Part of what gets me up on Sunday IS the very fact that there is darkness in the world and that I am so very busy. I cannot face the darkness and the innumerable things on my “to do” list WITHOUT church on Sunday. We rarely get a “yes” when we invite people to church with us but I cannot count the number of times a client (I work for Merrill Lynch) has commented on my calmness as the world as we know it collapses. That is my opening. I tell them about my faith and where I go every Sunday. I don’t gush; I don’t have to; they want what we have. They eventually get it; I have seen it first hand.


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