Lent and the Great Fast

I was told this morning that I was old enough to skip fasting.  I’m on the third day of a three day fast and prayer time for our Country and our leaders, especially Donald, our President.  I want to share that 67 year-old male can still do it, but it was hard at first.  The ringing in my ears was telling me something and the cravings, wow!  I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!  The hard healing comes, as Jesus said, with fasting AND prayer.  We are encouraged to do these together.  Healing comes with frequent confession and reception of the Precious Body and Blood ofJesus Christ.

This Lent take the time to go to confession, receive Holy Communion and pray for healing of self, the Country, and loved ones in need. Give up things that are hard.  I gave up Facebook this Lent, and I am dying to post this there, but I won’t.  See you all at Mass tomorrow.  We can worship Him in the beauty of Holiness.

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