Lent Begins tomorrow

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Go to church and receive the prayers, ashes and receive the Holy Sacrament, starting the 40 days.
With Lent beginning tomorrow, I am looking at the service, the Imposition of Ashes and Mass, and see a deep and strong current of prayer for us as we enter the season. I felt as though I was at my own funeral reading the words of the service.

It is stark and moving to “remember, O man, that dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return!” Is it all vanity as the writer of Proverbs says? We live and we die, but in living or dying we are the Lord’s! Paul is right. How we live is important, most important. Lent can be the beginning of new life as we enter in to it prayerfully.

As we give up the call of the world and listen to the call of God, we are blessed. I am mending my commitment of Lent to add daily scripture reading to replace my not watching the TV, most especially for the daily news that brings me down each day.

My heart is sad for the world, especially those who are lonely, lost, in mental darkness, in prison and especially for those who have not known the Love of Christ.

We can give up and receive. It is doing both that Lent will be valuable a time for us. God bless your 40 Days! Speaking of 40 days, I will be praying IFO Planned Parenthood in Napa every Monday evening with friends to let our voices be heard in Heaven for the loss of life that the abortion industry and our government have encouraged. This is another possibility for a Lenten discipline. We have lost and grieve the loss of millions of babies in this senseless act. Pray for babies and mothers and dads this Lent!

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