Spiritual Battle is underway in the US

This week a major change is happening in our great country.  A very unlikely man will be sworn in as President of these United States.  Many didn’t vote for him, many choosing a candidate who proved unworthy of the call.  It may not be a great week for secularists, who want more of the same, but for Christians there appears to be hope.  Hope that change, good change is on the way.

God has been marginalized in public forum these past few years.  Christians have reeled back in fear for the changes that didn’t seem to come from God.  We now must be not like the Thessalonians, who in the Book of The Revelation of St John the Divine were lukewarm.

We are to be on fire for the Lord.  He is the only one who knows how to correct our course.  Last Sunday we looked at the Gifts that God has given all of us, who we are in Him and how we are use those same gifts.  The Holy Ghost is our director.  The Lord our head.  He will use us for His Kingdom.

It may not be an easy week, but if we pray, look for His leading and be willing to get our hands into the game, we will find peace and always love.  Love God and love your neighbor.  Tell the truth and don’t be afraid to tell someone about your Lord and Savior.

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