The Coolest Summer in a Long Time

We have had the most pleasant weather this summer. School is back in session and summer vacation for families is complete. Fall is in the air. The Fall provides a natural opportunity to examine, evaluate and plan for the time ahead.

Are you the man or woman that God made you to be? How’s your Spiritual Life going? Prayer Life? What would your closest friends say about your answers? Are there things you would like to change if you could?

What are you reading? Watching on TV? Do your friends encourage you to be the man/woman God made you to be?

Are you all you can be? In Christ Jesus you are a NEW CREATION, going from Glory to Glory. A good friend reminded me of the famous quote (CS Lewis?) “If you are accused of being a Christian, would they find enough evidence to convist you?”

This day, let us make a pact to be that for one another. Turn off the TV, disconnect from electronics, read worthwhile things, talk to friends, be an encouragement, study, think great thoughts, be like Jesus, be like the Saints…and be all that you were made to be!

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