What if…


What if a person could use one word to describe Traditional, Anglican, 1928 BCP worship?  Will you help me with a task? Which one word would you use? And why?  If someone else has posted the word you would use, please say so and why that word holds prominence for you.  Please pick your second best word then, and why? 

Looking for _______ ?  Come join us at Church! 

My word today is peace.  I have picked peace because I have experienced peace, both inner and outer, in the Traditional, Anglican, 1928 BCP church.  The world is churning fast, tumbling societal norms, inventing new rights, twisting truth and trying to fill longing hearts with the artificial.  The church has helped me quiet down and search for truth, wisdom and understanding.  Politics can evaporate from the foremost place and become that which is informed by a true relationship with the Creator, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.  When things and relationships make sense, then I am at peace.  When politics and faith are in conflict there is disharmony.  Is it possible to experience grace, patriotism and holiness in one place and not become a “crusader”?

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8 Responses to What if…

  1. Susan says:

    My word would be “beauty.” There is great beauty in the service – the language, the music, the accoutrements of the altar, the vestments, the movements of priests and lay people. It tells me that this is a place and time set apart and wholly different from the everyday world, the threshhold of heaven, and when I enter into it all, I am in the company of the angels and saints in their worship.

  2. Fr. Jim says:

    Thank you Susan. Beauty is a great one word descriptor. Come on all you other saints!

  3. ann sam says:

    connection. transcends time, space.

  4. Fr. Jim says:

    Thanks, Ann. Another friend sent “timeless” and you have added to that. I so much agree with the time-space trancend. The “connection” goes to what we all feel and experience betwixt God and us and one another. There are so many one words that do the church well.

  5. Bill Gilcrest says:

    Looking for _______ ? Come join us at Church!

    For me “comfort” works! Continuity in Christianity with no “if it feels good do it.”

  6. Fr. Jim says:

    Hear what comfortable words our Savior Christ saith…He is the Propitiation for our sins! Comfort in the truth that He came down to save us. That truth still holds. He is saving us each day. That is comfort!

  7. Fred Liedtke says:

    SEEK! If you are searching for a new life, you are welcome to discover the Anglican Way. Visit St. Mark’s Church at Mark 1129 Magnolia Ave., Larkspur or call us at 815-1932.

  8. Fr. Jim says:

    Thanks, Fred. SEEK is a great one word call! I am considering a new comers class soon. The Anglican Way has been viable for some centuries and I believe it to be the best still. Not the new “Via Media” of TEC but the old one.

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